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My experience with dogs is life long. Being raised in a household that always had a dog, to getting my own at the first opportunity. Having two sometimes three dogs has been the norm in our home for many years. Currently we have two lab mix rescues both 4 years old.

This is Zoey on the left and Brody on the right. They have become great additions to our family.

Nala / Zoey

PawTreX Dog Walking

We have chosen Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton as our charity. We give by way of Amazon Smile. If your in search of a dog or cat, or would like to help in some way, be sure to check out Baypath's website.

They both are ready for play and adventure with other dogs young and old.

"Always a place in our hearts for you Bud".

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In March of 2016,we sadly had to put down our Lab mix of 19 years, "Buddy".
Having a dog, you certainly understand how I felt and how they enrich our lives. His passing became somewhat of a catalyst to moving my life in the direction of service to dogs and their owners by helping with their busy schedules. Walking in the park with my two dogs becoming the favorite activity, I created PawTreX. Your four legged friend can join my pack for daily walks.

Brody Puppy

About Us

Brody joined our family as a puppy in 2012. He is a very calm and well behaved dog.

Zoey (formerly Nala) was adopted in 2014 from the Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton. She initially had a few issues that we worked out with some behavior modification. She is full of energy and very affectionate.